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Kara's Christmas Present - Polaroid

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These are printed on instax square film. There are two versions. The main edition is an edition of 50; edition numbers are first come first serve.

There are also signed special edition prints. On top of having unique doodles and a signature from Kara, the special edition prints will also come with a surprise gift!!! You might get Hitsuji stickers, candy, or maybe even something big! Gifts and prints will be chosen at random. There are 25 special edition prints total.

DISCLAIMERS: If you have any sort of food allergies please let me know and I can substitute candy for something else! The only other possible allergen to be aware of is wool (I might send you a scarf or something).

The USPS deadline for delivery by Christmas is December 16th. I'll try my best to get any orders shipped by that deadline but I can't guarantee that it'll arrive on time. If you have issues receiving your order please contact Hitsuji Goods support!